Vintage 2016

picking chardVintage 2016 is long gone, and it’s not one to linger over!  Above average rainfall in Northland meant that ripening some varieties was difficult this year.  Deciding when to pick this year was a sport not for the faint hearted, but we are happy with our calls, and there will be a few bright spots in an otherwise average season.  Chardonnay (that’s Clay and his Pop picking in the photo) and Viognier will be the stand-outs, while the Rose and SB are on a par with usual.  Syrah was disappointing and we don’t expect to make any single vineyard wines this year, the syrah will go into our ‘little brother’ blend. On the plus side, the Chambo is looking good! Now that pruning is all done it’s time to put the 16 season behind us and look forward to better things for 2017!

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